**General Store**
Celebrate any occasion with fireworks!
We sell fireworks at our year-round store near
Bowling Green, Kentucky.
Pick up your fireworks today. Call (270) 622-8171.   
Cemetery Road, Settle, Kentucky    
(near Barren River Lake)

SkyLite Fireworks, near Bowling Green, Kentucky, sales a wide variety of products from brand name suppliers including Black Cat, World Class and more. You can buy fireworks year-round at our retail store located in Settle, KY between Bowling Green and Scottsville on Highway 234 - Cemetery Road. We offer top-of-the-line firecrackers, sparklers, rockets, 500 gram cakes, fountains and artillery shells for a night of entertainment... great for special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, July 4th shows, New Year's Eve celebrations, church events and commercial productions right here in South Central KY.
SkyLite Fireworks
Pick up your fireworks today,
contact us at:
(270) 622-8171
E-mail: info@skylitefireworks.com
Highway 234 - Cemetery Road
Settle, Ky 42164
(Cemetery Road Highway 234, Just 10 minutes east of Bowling Green towards Barren River Lake)